This is a WebSDR receiver, located in Bedford, England, UK It is operated by Barney, e-mail 3 RTLSDR V3 dongles and homemade upconverters. On the LF/MF RX is a wave trap tuned centred on 792kHz to reduce overload from local TX.

If you would like to use my TenTec RX320D 100kHz to 30mHz radio click on the image below. You will need to enable Flash and radio is RX only.

Closures of some BBC local radio medium wave services in 2020.

Current MW Station Online FM DAB Name Freeview Announcement date Shutdown of service
BBC Three Counties Radio
630 kHz, 1161 kHz 103.8 FM in Luton and Dunstable
95.5FM in Bedford and Letchworth
98.0 FM in High Wycombe
104.5FM in Milton Keynes
90.4FM in Welwyn, Hertford and Stevenage
92.1FM in Hemel Hempstead
94.7FM in Aylesbury
BBC 3CR 720 17-Feb 06-Apr
BBC Radio York
666 kHz, 1260 kHz 103.7 FM Vale of York, Tadcaster, Selby, Knaresborough, Harrogate
104.3 FM Ripon, Thirsk, Northallerton
95.5 FM Scarborough
BBC Radio York (long)
BBC York (short)
720 24-Feb 06-Apr
BBC Newcastle
1458 kHz 95.4 FM Tyne and Wear, County Durham
96.0 FM North Northumberland
103.7FM Hexham
104.4FM Parts of Gateshead and Newcastle
BBC Newcastle (long)
BBC Newc (short)
719 26-Feb 07-Apr
BBC Radio Cornwall
630 kHz, 657 kHz 95.2 FM Cornwall (east of, and including, Bodmin)
103.9 FM Cornwall (west of Bodmin)
96.0 FM Isles of Scilly
BBC Cornwall (long)
BBC Cnwl (short)
721 02-Mar 07-Apr
BBC Radio Solent
999 kHz, 1359 kHz 96.1 FM Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Bournemouth, Poole
103.8 FM Dorchester, Weymouth, Portland*
BBC Radio Solent (long)
BBC Slnt (short)
04-Mar 08-Apr
BBC Radio Cumbria 1458 kHz (reduced MW coverage) 104.1 FM - Whitehaven
95.6 FM - Workington, Cockermouth
- 721 09-Mar 08-Apr
BBC Radio Merseyside
1485 kHz 95.8 FM BBC Merseyside (long)
BBC Mrsy (short)
722 11-Mar 09-Apr
BBC Radio Norfolk
855 kHz
(reduced MW coverage) 95.1 FM - Norwich, east Norfolk, east coast
95.6 FM - North Norfolk cost (Cromer/Sheringham)
BBC RadioNorfolk (long)
BBC Norfk (short)
719 16-Mar 09-Apr
BBC Radio Wales
882 kHz, 1125 kHz
(reduced MW coverage) 91.3FM Llandrindod Wells BBC Radio Wales (long) 719 18-Mar 02-Apr

*carries Dorset breakfast show

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