This is Bedford WebSDR #1, located in Bedford, England, UK.

It is operated by Barney, Email

3 RTLSDR V3 dongles and homemade upconverters.

On the LF/MF RX is a wave trap tuned centred on 792kHz to reduce overload from local TX.

My other web SDR covering LF/MF and 20 metres can be found , HERE BARNEY'S WEBSDR #2.

If you would like to use my TenTec RX320D 100kHz to 30mHz radio click on the image below. You will need to enable Flash and radio is RX only.

06/05/2020 The sound in Chrome is broken again. I have a work round, but it is a all sites or a site to site basis. In Chrome click on the 3 dots top right. Click Settings, then Privacy and Security. Under Site Settings click on Sound, then making sure the slider to "Allow sites to play sound" is over to right, click Add in the Allow section and add the wildcard http://* to it. All sites should now work, if you just want it to work on individual sites add their URL instead of the wildcard. Exit settings.

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More Bands on SDR#2
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